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NZ lottery contributes $6 million to ChristChurch Cathedral rebuilding

Lottery Significant Projects to donate six million dollars towards the reinstatement of ChristChurch Cathedral.

Christchurch’s Church Property Trustees, who manage all the assets of the Diocese of Christchurch, have announced that the Lottery Significant Projects Fund has allocated six million dollars towards the reinstatement of ChristChurch Cathedral.

The Lottery Significant Projects Fund grant is in recognition of the national importance of the building and its significance to Christchurch and to the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch.
“The Trustees are extremely grateful for the Lottery Significant Project Fund’s generosity and are looking forward to locking in other funding so that we can progress the reinstatement of ChristChurch Cathedral,” says CPT General Manager, Gavin Holley. (pictured)

“It surely comes at the right time, with the details of the reimagined Square being released, and impetus building for new things to happen moving forward.”
In September 2017 the Diocesan Synod voted to instruct CPT to accept, under certain conditions, the terms of the Government offer to reinstate the damaged Cathedral in the Square.

Since then work has focused on a number of matters, including CCRT and CPT reaching consensus on terms of a detailed joint venture agreement based on the commercial terms CPT had agreed with the government. Once the terms are in place, the two groups can focus on the establishment of the Joint Venture Company (JVC) to see through the physical reinstatement.

CPT Deputy Chair Moka Ritchie is delighted that this funding has been approved.

“I would like to thank Lotteries for this generous grant and also thank the CPT staff for their excellent work in putting this application together.

“We are pleased that this grant will significantly assist us in achieving the funding required for the Cathedral reinstatement project.

“It’s fantastic that it’s been approved just as we are in the process of seeking to finalise the terms for the joint venture agreement”.

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