Australian church resolves ACNA complaint

Complaint against bishops of Sydney, Tasmania and NW Australian for laying hands on Andy Lines has been discontinued

The Registrar of the Appellate Tribunal has written to all Diocesan Bishop, Administrators and Chancellors to report that the Primate’s previous referral of Bishops Davies, Condie and Nelson for their attendance at the ACNA consecration has now been discontinued.

We had reported previously on the referral, and particularly on the timing immediately prior to General Synod. There had also been disquiet over the referral being announced prior to the subjects of the referral being notified. Readers of will also note that a number of those bishops who made the original appeal citing “fundamental questions of ecclesiology” and potential breach of canons are those who have also been most vocal in advocating for a change in the national church’s position on marriage. Perhaps this was one topic during the “mediated conversation”.

This leaves only one outstanding matter currently before the Tribunal; the now-Bishop of Newcastles complaint about Sydney Diocese’s Affiliated Organisations Ordinance.

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