EFAC Reorganizes and Renews Its Mission

Following a recent meeting of the trustees, the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) has restated its vision, and appointed new leadership.

Eynsham, Oxford – December 15, 2017: Following a recent meeting of the trustees, the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) has restated its vision, and appointed new leadership.

The purpose of EFAC is to encourage and develop Biblically faithful fellowship and mission throughout the Anglican world. This basic purpose remains, but EFAC is adjusting its specific goals and strategies to best serve the Anglican world, which has seen tremendous change since John Stott founded EFAC in 1961. The Anglican presence in Africa, Asia, and South America has grown in encouraging ways but, in recent years, moral and doctrinal confusion in some Western provinces has impaired relationships. Separate ecclesial bodies have been formed and energy has been diverted from vital missiological concerns.

In the light of these contemporary challenges, the trustees resolved that EFAC continue to live up to its name. It is Evangelical, serving Jesus Christ by acknowledging and living under the supreme authority of Scripture. It is a Fellowship working together for the Gospel across divides with all who share our Biblical commitment. It is in the Anglican Communion with and for all those who believe our heritage from the Reformation is part of our contemporary witness to the gospel and of our global future.

Bishop Josiah Fearon, the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, commented, “I am thankful to God for EFAC, which helped me in Nigeria. The Biblical reforming and renewing ministry of EFAC within the Anglican Communion is welcome.”

Former General Secretary, Canon Dr Vinay Samuel of Bangalore, India said: “ EFAC was always a global Anglican Network focused on nurturing evangelical leadership globally where resources were shared across the Communion.  In the current context, its rich heritage of facilitating such training needs to be resourced and adapted to the new context where the Church in the Non-Western World has grown rapidly. I am delighted that EFAC is poised to do that.”

The Archbishop of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, welcomed this development: “EFAC has been a great blessing to the Church of Uganda, especially in support for the training of pastors and in building up the church.  I am delighted that it sees a renewed vision for itself.”

Bishop Rennis Ponniah, Bishop of Singapore, commented: “ I thank God for the ministry of EFAC and believe its relaunch is timely in God’s wonderful purpose. EFAC’s role as a resource for Evangelical Anglicans to speak up for the central place of Scripture in the life of the Church and to bear witness to its unchanging truth in a world that is changing without moorings is vital for such an hour.”

In order to accomplish its goals, EFAC appointed a General Secretary, Rev. Richard Crocker, a new trustee, the Rt. Rev. Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead, and a Communications specialist. Canon George Kovoor’s time as trustee and General Secretary has concluded; EFAC is grateful for his service. News of additional trustees and other appointments will be forthcoming.

Specific projects that will be accomplished in 2018 include the renewal of Theological Resource Network (TRN), which has been sponsored  by EFAC for many years. The trustees will ask the TRN to address immediately the confusion around issues of missiology and ecclesiology that the current circumstances reveal, with the international perspective possible through the widespread membership. Further news concerning the TRN is expected soon.

EFAC will hold a meeting of the International Council next year to continue the progress made at the Trustees meeting, and to review opportunities for strengthening and developing national Anglican evangelical movements.

Contact details: Canon Dr Chris Sugden (Trustee) and Rev Richard Crocker (General Secretary) may be reached at

Richard Crocker was ordained in Birmingham in 1982, has seen service in England and the USA. He is currently Board Member and President of EFAC-USA and will be based in Northern Virginia.



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