Archbishop of BC labeled a hypocrite over the Worley firing

Marge Anderson is skeptical of Archbishop Privett’s claim to have have been guided in prayer to sack Jake Worley

November 17, 2017

TO: The Diocese of Caledonia

This is the statement found on the Diocesan website pertaining to “what is in the best interest of the Worley Family and the Diocese” according to Abp. Privett and those in leadership position in the

Statement issued Nov 14, 2017

Archbishop John Privett, (pictured) who has Episcopal authority as per Canon 1 of the Diocese of Caledonia, in consultation with those in leadership positions in the Diocese and in prayerful consideration of what is in the best interests of the Worley family and the future of the Diocese, has acted to terminate Rev Worley’s employment, effective November 30, 2017, without cause.

The termination is accompanied with a generous severance package to assist Rev Worley and his family in the transition.

The details surrounding The Worley’s residence status in Canada were unknown but will now be considered.

Rev. Gwen Andrews Diocesan Administrator

WOW! The leadership of the Diocese – Privett, the Administrator (Rev. Gwen), the Archdeacon (Rev. Buchanan), the new acceptable Bishop Elect (Rev. Lehmann) and possibly someone on Executive believes that firing a Priest in Good Standing “without cause” without talking to that person or knowing minimally their residency status is in the family’s “best interest.”  How arrogant!  They came to this decision after prayerful consideration – I don’t think so.  Really, they believe that this is the way God would want His people treated?

A “generous severance package” according to Privett et al  is “3 months’ severance – $7,900”, not even enough to cover moving expenses within the Diocese let alone out of the Province and country. And since it doesn’t cover moving expenses, there is definitely nothing left over for living expenses – you know like eating and lodging while getting out of the country and finding a new home and employment.

Even with  the “authority as per Canon 1”, Privett had one job to do in this Diocese – Facilitate the election of  a new Bishop – not meddling in the running of the Diocese.  Ask any Canadian Bishop – Liberal or Orthodox – if this type of meddling would have been acceptable to them!

If this is what the leadership of the diocese – Privett, the Administrator, the Archdeacon, and the new acceptable Bishop Elect – sees as being in “the best interest of the Diocese and a Priest in Good Standing” as a way forward in healing and building up the Diocese – May God have mercy on the Priests in Good standing left in the Diocese,  and the parishes!

There is more coverage on this online for anyone interested at Anglican Ink, The Anglican planet and The Anglican Journal.

Marg Anderson

(Marg Anderson is the wife of the former Bishop of Caledonia, the Rt. Rev. William Anderson, who retired in 201

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