San Joaquin writes to Nashotah chairman over Curry award

Eric Menees asks if Nashotah House is an appropriate place for ACNA seminarians

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September 25, 2017

The Rt. Rev. Daniel Martins
Nashotah House Theological Seminary
2777 Mission Road
Nashotah, WI. 53058

Dear Bishop Martins,


I read with surprise, and more than a little confusion, the decision of Nashotah House to award Presiding Bishop Curry the Archbishop Ramsey award for excellence in the areas of Ecclesiology, Ecumenism and Liturgy. 

Regarding ecclesiology Bishop Curry has chosen to disregard the will of the primates of the Anglican Communion and continues to act willfully as one not under authority. 
Regarding ecumenism relations between TEC and the vast majority of Catholic, Orthodox and Evangelical churches are at an all time low. 
Regarding liturgy Bishop Curry is presiding over the creation of new rites that defy scripture, tradition and reason. In the last few years Seabury, General and EDS have all but folded. Recently, with the abrupt transitions of the dean and several faculty members I suspect that Nashotah House will not be far behind. 
Lastly, while Bishop Curry preaches reconciliation at every turn he fails to practice what he preaches with his continued support for the ongoing lawsuits in Quincy, Fort Worth and South Carolina. Given this reality, Bp. Martins, can [you] give me a reason to send my men to Nashotah House? San Joaquin has had a long and positive past with Nashotah but at this point I am really shaking my head and wondering what in the world has happened?
The Right Rev. Eric Vawter Menees
Bishop, Anglican Diocese Of San Joaquin

cc. Acting Dean Garwood Anderson 

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