Interfaith plea for peace on the Korean peninsula

Seoul – To sign and apply the cease-fire, negotiate a peace treaty, establish a long-lasting reconciliation era in the Korean peninsula: are the requests contained in a special peace appeal signed by 2,000 people of different nationalities, ethnicity and religion, gathered in Seoul for the summit of the World Alliance of Religions Peace, which ended on September 18th. More than 50 political leaders and leaders from over 30 countries around the world participated in the summit, more than 680 religious leaders (including Christians of all confessions) of 120 countries. The Alliance aims at strengthening the network among leaders and religious communities in the world to contribute to peace.

The text of the appeal, sent to Agenzia Fides, states that “religious leaders must join their hands, referring to the only Creator, to bring to an end all wars and to leave peace in the world as a legacy to future generations”. To this end, UN representatives are asked “the greatest possible efforts to issue an international law that guarantees the end of all wars and contribute to peace in the world”. The signatories, political and religious leaders, are committed to cooperating and encouraging peoples in their countries “in the work of reaching peace in the world”. “Peace is not achieved through individual effort, but thanks to the common commitment and the unity of many who work together”. At the closing ceremony of the summit held at Seoul Olympic Park on September 18, there were more than 200,000 people from different religious communities, who in turn committed themselves to becoming “peace messengers”.

Meanwhile in the Korean peninsula there is growing tension. While Kim Jong-Un’s regime intends to “speed up” towards its transformation innuclear power, the United States has stated that “there is also a military option” and in response to Pyongyang’s missile launches, they have carried out a demonstrative action, simulating a bombing in the skies of the Korean peninsula. China and Russia have also began naval exercises near North Korea. In this situation, religious leaders say, “an effort of peace is ever more urgent”. 

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