St James NPB continues in hope that they will be vindicated

Parish update on the Bruno litigation from St James the Great Newport Beach

Dear members of the L.A. Diocese, bishops, and friends:

As we continue to patiently wait for a decision from the Hearing Panel in the matter of the Episcopal Church (TEC) Title IV Disciplinary Process against the Rt. Rev. Jon Bruno, we would like to share the following:

Back in November 2016, Bishop Bruno secretly obtained Standing Committee approval to sell St. James the Great while under the disciplinary process and pending the Hearing Panel in March. Witnesses for the bishop during the hearing knew of this action but did not divulge it during their testimony. To add insult to injury, members of the Standing Committee were present during the hearing and knew they had secretly voted to sell and deconsecrate the church, making a mockery of the Title IV process where the ultimate goal is to “resolve conflicts by promoting healing, repentance, forgiveness, restitution, justice, amendment of life and reconciliation among all involved and affected.”

The bishop then, acting as Corp Sole, secretly entered into escrow with another developer in April of this year while waiting for a decision from the Hearing Panel. Escrow was due to close on July 3rd. However, the Hearing Panel found out about the secret sale, sanctioned Bishop Bruno and told him not to sell the property. The bishop then appealed the sanction and the attorney for TEC has filed an opposition to the appeal. You can also see all these documents on our

Yesterday, the attorney for TEC, sent the Hearing Panel an amendment to his Post-Trial Brief. He is asking for the bishop to be removed and deposed (defrocked) because of his egregious behavior, and for a forensic audit of Corp Sole to be conducted: “Accordingly, the Church Attorney recommends under Title IV.14.6 that Respondent be deposed from ministry forthwith. The Church Attorney further recommends that the Panel recommend to the Diocese of Los Angeles and the incoming Bishop a forensic audit of Corp Sole be ordered and made public.”

And finally, the Presiding Bishop has placed a Partial Restriction on the Ministry of the Bishop stating he “is forbidden from closing on the sale of the St. James property.”

We continue to pray to be returned to our beloved church and want to thank you for your prayers of support.

Yours In Christ,
The congregation of St. James the Great Episcopal Church
Newport Beach, California

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