Gavin Ashenden reflects on the birth and near death of Christian culture

We have hardly yet even found the courage to acknowledge the truth about the problem, let alone find a solution- assuming we even want one.

I have been reading two authors who have helped me understand something of the birth and coming death of Europe. 

The first is Prof Robert Tombs who wrote what became ‘the history book of the year” – ‘The English and their History.’

He tells the story of England as part of the British Isles and explains how this rich Christian culture took birth and flourished. Along the way he confronts some of the misunderstandings of the story that we got taught as bad history.  He also points out how fortunate the English were to live behind a wall of water that protected them from the more turbulent and violent history of Europe which experienced  much greater devastation.

The second book looked at the death of Europe, and also of England.  He observes that the wall of water has been removed as a protective barrier.

Douglas Murray has just published ‘The Strange Death of Europe – Immigration, Identity and Islam’. He also confronts the untrue narratives that our cultural masters have been telling us. He examines how falling birth rates, massive immigration and kind of cultivated self-distrust and self-hatred have led to Europe committing social and cultural suicide.

I remember very well the arguments in favour of mass immigration being based on rhetoric that the British Isles had always been a place of immigration and this was nothing new, and to object to it was ‘racist’. The real truth is in the numbers. Through most of history immigration when the small waves took place, Romans, Vikings, Normans, Huguenots, took were about 0.5-1% of the population. And genetically, all these people were close genetic cousins. Society hung together.

In 2011 the percentage of people born outside England who had arrived as immigrants was over 12%. It’s the scale that is the problem, not the principle. Also they weren’t cousins -and they didn’t assimilate.

Murray pointed out that behind closed doors when Tony Blair removed the limits on immigration and opened the flood gates, part of his motivation was to ‘stick it to the people on the Right’, and force ‘diversity’ on them in a way that could never be reversed. 

They have certainly achieved that. The white, indigenous English are now a minority in London. There are over three million household in England where not a single adult speaks English. In 10 years between 2001 and 2011, the number of Muslims almost doubled from 1.5 to just under 3 million.

We have always been told that our economy desperately needs an influx of new workers. That hasn’t been true either. What we suffer from is an over-educated youth in the Arts, that looks down on manual labour seeing it as beneath them, and never having been given the technical skills the economy really needed. That’s why the plumbers are all Poles.

Murray shows the Government massaged and mispresented the costs of the exercise. He demonstrates that mass immigration actually cost the British people around £160 billion between 1995 and 2011. 

Multiculturalism too is presented as one thing but means something different. It is presented as a kind of mild pluralism, where it would be impolite to mind people from other cultures living amongst us. But its intention is to create a great melting pot in which white Europeans are slowly dissolved, along with their culture, into oblivion. People think the first, and get the second.

Along with the raw force of massive uncontrolled immigration has come the ideological undermining of our rich and compassionate culture with guilt. Guilt at being white, successful and European. What should have been celebrated as wealth-creating and democracy-fostering ‘responsibility’, has become the toxic charge of ‘privilege’.

And then there is Islam. It brings a value system that attacks and undermines democracy and has in its DNA a commitment to violence and the impossibility of compromise.

Islam has faced us with an impossible choice.  If we want to remain safe from Islam we have to give up our civil liberties. If we don’t give up our civil liberties, we will not be safe from Islam. This is not the first place this has happened. The Copts, indigenous Egyptians used to be the majority in Egypt. They are now a minority, and being bombed and killed by Arabic Muslims daily. 

In history only Christianity as ever had the resources to stand up to and resist Islam. As secular England has ditched the protective political wall of defensive water on the one hand, it has done the same in religious terms on the other.  It has lost its antidote to thisviolent autocratic religion which was the peaceful democratic Judaeo-Christian faith; and it now looks its own demise in the face. 

So far, no defence against the imminent cultural death of England and Europe has been found. We have hardly yet even found the courage to acknowledge the truth about the problem, let alone find a solution- assuming we even want one.

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