Dr. Kunonga deserted by allies

Four key lieutenants seek separate trial from breakaway bishop

Dr. Nolbert Kunonga has been deserted by his lieutenants from his failed bid to take over the Church of the Province of Central Africa’s Diocese of Harare.

The government backed Harare Herald on 24 May 2017 reported the former bishop’s four co-defendants had sought to to overturn the judgment and sever their liability from the bishop.

In April 2017 the Supreme Court dismissed Dr. Kunonga’s final appeal, finding him liable with his four lieutenants — trustees of his Anglican Church of Zimbabwe — for damages of approximately $427,000 after he led the church into schism in 2007. The Supreme Court upheld a High Court ruling that found the five had unlawfully diverted assets belonging to the diocese and were ordered to repay the church with costs.

Attorneys for the four men, Alfred Tome, Beaven Michael Ngundu, Justin Nyazika and Winter Shamuyarira, argued they were not aware of the court case and that a judgment had been entered against them without their having an opportunity to defend themselves. Only Dr. Kunonga appeared before the court to plead his case, they asserted. They further claimed Dr. Kunonga had sole control of the assets at issue, and they should not be held liable.

A Zimbabwe solicitor tells Anglican Ink the defendants’ claim is unlikely to prevail as they were represented by counsel in the case.


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