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Creature Conference looks at faith and animals

The Creature Conference heralds a growing recognition that concern for animals is an important matter of Christian faith.

On Saturday 18th March 2017, Sarx, a UK based Christian animal welfare charity, hosted the Creature Conference at the Oasis Auditorium, Waterloo, London.
Together with leading speakers including Dr Margaret Adam, The Rt Revd John Arnold, Professor John Berkman, Dr Tony Campolo, Professor David Clough, Dr Ruth Valerio and The Rt Revd Dominic Walker, 180 delegates travelled from all over the world to attend this landmark conference including those from the USA, Canada, Sweden, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain.
Christians from a wide range of traditions met to theologically and practically explore animals and animal issues through keynote addresses, workshops, interactive prayer stations, crafts, an art exhibition and panel discussion. 
The Creature Conference was the largest gathering of its kind anywhere in the world since Christian anti-vivisection rallies in Britain in the late nineteenth century and heralds a growing recognition that concern for animals is an important matter of Christian faith. 
“The size of this conference is proof positive that throughout the UK and beyond, a growing tide of people are eager to engage with animals issues as prime faith issues. I am confident the impact of this event will resonate well beyond those gathered at the conference and go a long way in rekindling our connection and concern for all living creatures in God’s creation.” 
Daryl Booth (Sarx Founder)
Sarx is a UK based animal welfare charity which strives towards a world where Christians lead the way in enabling animals to live with dignity, freedom and peace. 

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