Christmas message from the Bishop of St Asaph

It’s about time that it was said: money makes for a good Christmas. 

It’s about time that it was said: money makes for a good Christmas.  You need quite a lot of money if you’re going to have the sort of Christmas your family want.  That fancy present costing £399.99, that turkey dinner – with all the trimmings – new flashing lights for the tree, a neon Father Christmas to climb up the chimney.  Sky TV subscription, and the night out for the staff party and the extra round of drinks.  Fortunately, even if you can’t afford it, then a payday loan company can be recommended to help you out.  And while we’re at it, let’s get rid of the scroungers that hold us back.  We’re kicking out those immigrants after the Brexit vote, the jobless should get themselves a job, and the refugees can go home to their own country.  Charity begins at home, and we want the best Christmas ever.

Are you with me?  Perhaps we should start again.  A little child born at Christmas gives the lie to the prosperity gospel.  An abandoned family in a stable, reliant on strangers, put up in the outhouse: this is where God is.  You don’t need any money at all to show love, and you don’t have to be paid off before you show goodwill.  Is it a stocking full of presents or a heart filled with love, and not just for those that love you, that will make or break your Christmas.  Which one would you rather?

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