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Adelaide applauds govt scheme for child sex abuser survivors

Media Release by the Diocese of Adelaide Regarding the Federal Government Announcement of a National Redress Scheme for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide has long advocated for the need of a consistent, fair and independent redress scheme that addresses survivors of child sexual abuse on an equitable and just basis.
The Diocese welcomes this most recent Federal Government announcement of the formation of a national redress scheme. We look forward with interest to further details regarding how the scheme is to be implemented, and what opportunities there will be for entities like the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide to participate.
To provide the best outcomes for survivors of child sexual abuse, we believe that a national redress scheme requires the participation of all State and Territory Governments. We urge our South Australian Government to cooperate and engage constructively with the Commonwealth to ensure that South Australian institutions such as the Anglican Church are in a position to fully participate in the scheme.
Bishop Tim Harris Administrator
Anglican Diocese of Adelaide

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