Muslim mob assaults Christian quarter of Faisalabad

An motoring accident in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad led to a pogrom against the town’s Christian residents last week. Sources in the Church of Pakistan report that on 19 August 2016 a Christian man driving a motor bike knocked over a Muslim pedestrian. A crowd gathered and a mob soon formed demanding vengeance against Christians. The mob now numbering some 50 men entered Khushal Town, the Christian quarter of Faisalabad and began to assault Christians whom they found in the street and to destroy property. Wielding iron rods and wooden staves the mob burst into several Christian owned homes and drove the residents into the street where they set upon them. Thirteen Christians were reported to have been injured in the attack. Many of the residents fled the neighborhood in fear for their lives. Three days after the attack, a complaint was filed with the police and an investigation has been launched. Church of Pakistan sources tell Anglican Ink the collective punishment of Christians by Muslims for the action of an individual Christian is a common occurrence.

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