A Bloody Friday: Christian Colony in Peshawar Attacked by Terrorists

Peshawar terror attack foiled after alarm raised, reports diocese

Today, [2 Sept 2016] at 5:50 am, four terrorists entered a Christian colony located at Peshawar Warsak Road and opened fire, as a result Samuel Masih was hit by bullets, but before his death he somehow managed to inform the security guards . A brave man; indeed, a Hero and a Martyr who saved many lives The Pak Army, Police and security forces immediately arrived at the scene and after an exchange of fire took place, resulting in the death of 2 terrorists, whereas one of them entered a house and blew himself- up, meanwhile the other terrorist also blew himself up in the open. In the combat operation five persons including two Frontier Core (FC) personnel, one policeman and two civilian guards have also been injured. It should be noted that the Christian colony is located 6-7 kilometers distance from the Army Public School (APS), Peshawar. It has been reported that the situation is now under control and that troops are carrying out a house to house search of the area.

The moment the news broke the clergy and officer of the Diocese of Peshawar, including some institutional heads rush to the area and consoled the Christian community and inhabitants of the colony expressed their gratitude towards Peshawar Diocese and other present at the occasion for their positive show of solidarity.

The Diocese of Peshawar and the Rt. Revd. Humphrey S. Peters (pictured) has strongly condemned this brutal act of terrorism against the Christian community, and he also thanked and praised the Pak Army, Police and the law enforcement agencies for their prompt action. Bishop. Humphrey also reminds the Government of Pakistan to implement the orders of Supreme Court for the religious minorities of hiring separate guards at the Minorities Installations.

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