Child evangelism key to reforming society, says Kenyan archbishop

Give me the child and I will mould the man, says Archbishop Sapit

Child evangelism is the key to reformation of society, the Archbishop of Kenya declared last week in his first major address since his installation as primate of the East African Church. Speaking at the launch of Pillar Television in Kirinyaga on 16 July 2016, the Most Rev. Jackson ole Sapit said law and order were among the most pressing facing Kenya. The nation was at a “crossroads. Husbands are massacring their wives, wives killing their spouses, police shoot indiscriminately and kill their colleagues and those in their custody.” He called upon Christians to launch a moral awakening in Kenyan society for “each one of us must be his or her brother’s keeper”.  Building moral character began in childhood, the archbishop said, announcing that he was proposing a campaign to evangelize the youngest members of society. “The Anglican Church has come up with a programme that aims to inculcate good morals and Christian faith to children from ages 0-6 years since we have discovered this is the most neglected age group. And these formative years are very important in shaping the future of the child,” Archbishop Sapit said.


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