Alleged gay marriage ceremony under investigation

Diocese of Lincoln investigating circumstances of an April 30 wedding conducted by a CoE clergyman

The Diocese of Lincoln is investigating a clergyman for solemnizing a same-sex wedding at a private hotel. On 30 April 216, the unnamed priest presided at the wedding of two men at Fanhams Hall in Ware in the jurisdiction of the Diocese of St Albans. A St Albans spokesman told AI the Diocese of Lincoln was investigating the affair as the priest was canonically resident in that diocese. The Diocese of Lincoln told AI they would not able to comment on the affair until a review had been taken. Both dioceses stated they expected their clergy to abide by the Church of England’s rules governing same-sex weddings. The affair came to light after the photographer at the wedding posted pictures (above) of the service on his Facebook page. Queries as to the identity of the priest prompted the couple and the photographer to take down the photos of the clergyman from the internet.


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