God’s Word Written conference set for Vancouver

ANiC sponsored conference will “explore the literary and historical evidence regarding the reliability of the Bible.”

On June 14, 15, & 16, leading academics and preachers will be coming together in Vancouver, B.C., Canada to explore the literary and historical evidence regarding the reliability of the Bible.  Key presenters are David Lyle Jeffrey, Greg Monette, Dan Wallace, Mike Licona, John Neufeld , and J.I. Packer.   This three day conference is designed to give attendees confidence in God’s Word Written and explore how it is best taught and preached.

Key topics to be covered will be; impact of the scribes, archaeology, literary consistency, language instability, contradictions in gospels, the implications of revelation, and the brilliance of expository preaching.  There will also be a unique opportunity for Q&A sessions with Dr. J.I. Packer, who has over 70 years of ministry and academic experience to glean from.  He is also a renowned author of many significant books, not the least of which is, Knowing God.  This rare appearance of J.I. Packer should not be missed.

This conference is for those in ministry, thinking of ministry, or passionate to know more about the Bible. The reality is we are forgetful people and if you have gone to seminary it is likely that you have forgotten what you have learned about the reliability, uniqueness, and power innately in God’s word written.

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