Police rescue students kidnapped from church school

Three schoolgirls kidnapped from their dormitory at an exclusive church-run boarding school outside of Lagos have been rescued by police. On the night of 29 Feb 2016 gunmen entered the grounds of the Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary in Ikorodu. Three 15 year old girls were taken from their dormitory at about 8:00 pm by the gang, and a ransom demand of 200 million Naira (£700,000) was made to the father of one of the girls, a prominent businessman, for their release. At a press conference last week the Headmaster of the school, Archdeacon Olaoluwa Adeyemi said the kidnappers cut a hole in the school’s fence to enter the grounds. As they entered the compound they began to shoot into the air with their guns. “The security in school tried to combat them but the weapons they came with were very heavy. They went into the classrooms; the students in fact put up a good fight but the kidnappers overpowered just about three students and whisked them away. Immediately, we called the Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni because fortunately I have his number and immediately the Governor was informed and within the space of two to three hours, the school was filled with security people.” He reported the police began an immediate search of the area using helicopters. The chairman of the school’s board of governors, the Rt. Rev. Michael Fape, Bishop of Remo said he was encouraged by the quick response by authorities. “We can’t thank you enough. We are sure these girls will be rescued. And of course the way the Lagos State Government has risen to the task of rescuing these girls also gives us a lot of encouragement. The governor himself and the commissioner of police and every one of them have been on top of the situation.” On 6 March 2016 Lagos state police announced they had rescued the girls and arrested 15 members of the gang who masterminded the attack.


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