FCA (Australia) responds to Newcastle claims

In response to a recent article in Newcastle Herald, the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (Australia) was described as “associated with the global Confessing Anglicans movement based on strong rejection of female and gay clergy and same sex marriage.”

We want to clarify that we are fully supportive of the global Confessing Anglicans movement. However the movement is not based on what it rejects but what we uphold.

Our principal objects are:
1. to promote orthodox Anglican faith and practice as set forth in the Jerusalem Declaration and in the Fundamental Declarations and Ruling Principles of the Constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia;
2. to help reform, heal and revitalise the Anglican Communion and expand its mission to the world.
3. to provide fellowship to orthodox Anglicans who find themselves in a minority position in their own Dioceses due to actions of others who depart from orthodox faith and practice.

We pray for, and continue to support, all orthodox Anglicans around the country.

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