Day of prayer and fasting for Pittsburgh

The Standing Committee is calling for the observance of a diocesan-wide day of Prayer & Fasting on Wednesday, February 3, 2016.  

Why are we praying?  We are asking everyone to pray for the Next Bishop Discernment Process.  In February, the Districts of the Diocese will gather to formally make nominations for the Next Bishop of Pittsburgh.

How should we pray?  (1) Pray for wisdom.  Read and meditate on James 1:5-8. (2) Pray for the clergy and lay deputies who will make nominations. (3) Pray that God will raise up the leader He knows we need. (4) Pray for Holy Spirit’s spiritual protection and peace.  (5) Pray that Jesus Christ will be glorified.

What is fasting?  Fasting is abstaining from food or drink for a set period of time.  Fasting is a way to experience real need and dependence on God, and it helps focus our prayers and hunger toward God, who is our ultimate provider.

How should we fast?  For most of us, as beginners, we may want to just skip the lunch meal and spend that time in prayer.  Others may wish to fast for the whole day.  Listen for you Lord while you fast, and always be mindful of Jesus’ teaching in on prayer and fasting in Matthew 6:5-18.

Click Here for a document suitable for church bulletins or for printing.

All Blessings in Christ,

The Rev Paul A. Cooper
President, Standing Committee

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