Bishop of Utah responds to the Canterbury primates communique

We were inclusive about marriage equality before today. We still are.

By now, many of you have read or heard of the Anglican Communion Primates’ sanctions on the Episcopal Church because of the decisions concerning marriage equality made here in Utah at General Convention. I am saddened by the Primates’ decision, but not surprised. I want to emphasize it DOES NOTE CHANGE US –IN WHO WE ARE IN UTAH or in the Episcopal Church for that matter.

We were inclusive about marriage equality before today. We still are.

We welcome all people whether they agree or disagree with the stance our Episcopal Church took in Utah last summer when we gathered together and listened for God’s guidance. Our unity is in Christ.

We believe all are created in the image of God. Our model for this is Jesus and His outstretched arms of love on the cross. This is the symbol of God’s self-sacrificing love for all people. We believe that in Christ we are a new creation and a new people inclusive for all people.

I know there are those among us who will be pained by this decision, especially our LGBT brothers and sisters. This is another case where they are compromised individually and collectively. I pray all know all are in my thoughts and prayers and all continue to be welcomed to receive the Grace of God in any of our congregations. Christ loves you as do I.

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