Porvoo primates urge European govts to ignore public opinion over immigration

The primates and presiding bishops of the Porvoo Communion of Churches meeting in Edinburgh last week have issued a statement condemning popular opposition to the resettlement of migrants from Africa and the Middle East in Europe, saying government must resist pressures to send them home. The Communique released at the close of the meeting said they were “unanimous in reiterating that we should not stand back and remain silent, but must both speak and act, remembering the words of Jesus; ‘For I was hungry and you gave me food,I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me’. (Matt. 25:35). They were also unanimous in their concern and prayers for Christians and other minority groups threatened by extinction in the Middle East”. The primates said: “On a daily basis people risk their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea; people walk long distances to cross into Europe because they do not have any other choice; also in parts of Europe, for example, houses have been set alight, so that refugees do not find a home; and there is a rising anxiety in some parts of Europe that democracy is being eroded by intimidation towards strangers seeking refuge and security.” They also recognised the popular disapproval of current asylum policies and they called for prayers for political leaders “and for those who resist the destructive calls of extremist groups that reject all support for the migrant stranger and those seeking refuge.” The next meeting of the joint Anglican Lutheran group has been scheduled for October 2017 in Portugal.

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