New Archbishop for South East Asia

The Bishop of West Malaysia has been elected Primate of the Anglican Province of South East Asia. Meeting in Sandakan, Sabah on 2 Sept 2015, the bishops of Sabah, Singapore, West Malaysia and Kuching elected the Rt. Rev. Ng Moon Hing to a four year term of office beginning in February 2016 in succession to the Most Rev. Bolly Lapok, Bishop of Kuching. (Pictured with former Archbishop John Chew left, and Archbishop-elect Hing rt) Archbishop Lapok will remain Bishop of Kuching until he retires in 2017. Born on 12 Nov 1955 in Ipoh in Malaysia, Ng was educated in Malaysia and Australia and earned a degree in civil engineering from Monash University in Australia. After working as a civil engineer for a few years, he trained for the ministry at the Seminari Teologi Malaysia and was ordained deacon in 1985 and priest in 1986 for the Diocese of West Malaysia. In 1991, Ng was instituted as the Vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Ipoh and later appointed canon of St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kuala Lumpur, and,Archdeacon of the diocese’s Lower North Archdeaconry. In 1993 he founded Anglican Village Ministries (AVM) a mission society dedicated to evangelizing the country’s rural poor. On 5 May 2007, Ng was consecrated fourth bishop of West Malaysia in succession to the Rt. Rev. Lim Cheng Ean.

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