Statement of dissent issued by bishops to gay marriage vote

18 20 bishops have released a statement of dissent to the 78th General Convention’s endorsement of trial rites for the blessing of same-sex marriage

The Bishops of Tennessee, Central Florida, Dallas suff, Northern Indiana, Albany, Springfield, North Dakota, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Ecuador Litoral, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, and the resigned bishops of Albany, Texas, South Carolina, and the Dominican Republic (asst) have presented a statement of dissent today to the vote to authorize trial rites for the same-sex marriages and amend the canons to make marriage gender neutral.

After the statement was presented, the names of the Bishop of Florida and the resigned Bishop of Western Louisiana were added.

A statement read by the Rt. Rev. Michael Smith, Bishop of North Dakota at the close of the morning legislative session on 2 July 2015 thanked the house for the “graceful” way in which the minority had been treated. He stated that when they were consecrated the signatories made a vow to “guard the faith” and unity of the church. They would continue to work within the Episcopal Church, but could not agree with the actions taken by their peers. They would honor the moratoria set forward by the Windsor Report and instruments of unity in the Communion.

The statement would be offered to other members of the House of Bishops and to Episcopal clergy and lay men and women to endorse.

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said “the House was frateful for the way the [dissenters] had dealt with these issues, very grateful, thank you.”

[Text of the statement]

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