Corrupt politicans should be shot says Nigerian bishop


Corrupt politicians should be shot, the Church of Nigeria’s Bishop of Wusasa told his diocesan synod last week. In his presidential address to the 6th meeting of the diocesan synod, held in Zaria in Kaduna State on 20 June 2015, the Rt. Rev. Ali Buba-Lamido said imposing the death penalty for corruption seemed to be the only way to check corruption. “If our leaders know they would be arrested, prosecuted and made to face stiffer penalties, if found to be corrupt, they would be on their toes and avoid corrupt tendencies,” the bishop said. Corruption killed more people in Nigeria than guns, the bishop said, as the search for private gain had been paid with public blood seen in lower life expectancy through poor public health, education and sanitation and the poisoning of the environment.


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