Lagos archbishop hopeful for reforms from country’s new Muslim president

The Archbishop of Lagos has applauded his country’s political leaders, thanking them for the peaceful transition of power — a first for the country since independence in the 1960s. The Most Rev. Adebola Ademowo called President-elect Muhammadu Buhari (pictured) a trustworthy leader that would implement badly needed reforms for Africa’s most populous nation. He also praised outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan, saying the historic transition of power from one political party to another — a first for Nigeria since independence in the 1960s — was a model for the rest of Africa. Last month Nigerians chose a former military dictator and anti-corruption crusader after a bruising election. Muhammadu Buhari won 54 per cent of 29 million votes while President Goodluck Jonathan, the first incumbent to lose an election since democracy returned to the nation in 1999, won 45 per cent. Nigerian news analysts suggested the results reflected popular discontent with the government’s inability to end the Boko Haram threat and to distribute the nation’s oil wealth more equitably across a deeply divided nation. Speaking to reporters last week following the close of the Diocese of Lagos’ 32nd annual synod, Archbishop Ademowo said: “One thing that President Jonathan did to his credit was that he was the first to congratulate Buhari. And the way he has been conducting himself has shown the transition will be very smooth. For Buhari, he is a forthright and a no nonsense person. He is not interested in amassing wealth; he is only interested in assisting this country. I can trust him any time.” The archbishop said he wanted his fellow Nigerians to be “optimistic. There are people whose utterances are outrageously negative. They don’t see anything good; they just confess negatively. That is wrong. Just believe that beyond the tunnel, there will be light. Believe that and know that what you confess positively will come to pass,” he said.


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