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Fighting closes Christ Church Aden

The chaplain of Christ Church Aden, the Rev. Velvet John reports that fierce fighting have forced the staff to leave Yemen and temporarily close the church and its hospital. On 26 March Fr. John reported that he had been in telephone contact with the caretaker of the church, who reported Aden was in a state of anarchy. “War robbery, looting and plundering have been increasing in public and private properties in all parts of Aden. The Presidential palace in Aden was plundered yesterday and all the materials were looted away. … all Education Institutions and Government offices also remain closed now. Fierce fights are going on, not only in the neighboring cities but also in Aden, nearly 2 km away from our Church.” on 1 April 2015 the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said that approximately 349 Indian nationals had been evacuated by the Indian Navy to Djibouti. Two Indian warships are expected to reach Aden by Thursday to rescue 4000 Indians stranded by the fighting, the Indian Express reported. Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Sunni Arab states have launched airstrikes against Shi’ite rebels, the Houthi. Fr. John wrote “The Houthi rebels have been in control of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa since September 2014. Among twenty one provinces, nine provinces were captured by Houthis. In this situation Yemen’s President Hadi asked for support from regional powers. Saudi Arabia and the coalition of ten other Arab countries have begun air raids and shelling on Houthi positions of control. 150,000 troops are ready to launch operations and hundreds of Saudi’s war planes launched air strikes against Houthis in Yemen. Today all airports and seaports are closed in Yemen.” Fr. John asked Christians to “kindly pray for peace and security for all in Yemen and its people particularly the ministry of the Christ Church and the Ras Morbat Clinic and members of the congregation.”

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