Brisbane Cathedral damaged in hail storm

A November hail storm has caused over £1.5 million in damage to Brisbane’s Anglican Cathedral. On 27 Nov 2014 a major storm swept through Queensland, Australia causing leading to insurance claims for property damage in the hundreds of millions. St. John’s Cathedral, built in 1901, but only completed in 2009, saw major damage to its roof and copper spires. However a survey of the gothic building found that winds had bowed in the cathedral’s eastern wall approximately 2.5 mm, leaving it in danger of structural failure. The cathedral’s dean, the Very Rev. Peter Catt told the Brisbane Times that the cathedral was fortunate to have retained most of its stained glass windows. Dr. Catt said he was in his office when the storm struck and when he entered the building expected to find glass everywhere. While the building was soaked with rain water and the roof and spire badly damaged, only four windows were destroyed.


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