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Patrick Sookhdeo convicted of assault

The Rev. Patrick Sookhdeo has resigned as director of the Christian relief agency, Barnabas Aid International, after an English court found him guilty of assault. On 23 Feb 2015 the Swindon Crown Court found Dr. Sookhdeo guilty of sexual assault and of two counts of witness intimidation. He has been sentenced to three months house arrest and must remain at home between the hours of 3:00 pm and 7:00 am.

The court found Dr. Sookhdeo had touched the breast of his administrative assistant when he gave her a hug and had sought to pressure witnesses into supporting his version of events. He has been fined £3,500 for the costs of prosecution costs and has been given a victim surcharge of £60.

He was first arrested on suspicion of assault in March 2015 and charged last May.

In September Barnabas Aid International, a subsidiary of the Barnabas Fund, said that it fully supported Dr. Sookhdeo. It had conduncted an internal grievance procedure and had found the charges to be unjustified.

On 27 Feb 2015 the board of trustees of Barnabas Aid International released a statement saying: “Whilst Patrick Sookhdeo would have been able to continue as a trustee of Barnabas Aid International, he has asked to resign from this post and the board has accepted his resignation. The board will review this with Dr Sookhdeo after three months.”

“During the next three months, he will be considering his future but has agreed to be available in his personal capacity if requested. His curfew prevents him from travelling overseas during this time, so he has had to decline to attend certain engagements.”

Barnabas Aid International is a British charity whose stated aims are to poverty relief, the promotion of human rights and advancing Christian values.


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