Press Reports on the House of Bishop’s Pastoral Letter on the General Election

The Church of England Press Office has compiled a list of links to reports in the British press on the House of Bishops Pastoral Letter on the forthcoming General Elections.

It writes:

Range of reports on pastoral letter from House of Bishops urging people to engage in politics ahead of the General election. Mail describes the letter as a shopping list of policies while Telegraph says the CofE has no authority to tell politicians what to do because it only just accepted women as equals. Guardian says the letter shows the CofE sharpening up the quality of its public interventions under Archbishop Justin Welby, and that British politics faces a credibility crisis and needs all the help it can get. Times states relations between the CofE and Westminster have plumbed a new low after the ‘withering assault on Britain’s political culture’. FT says the CofE has given a sharp rebuke to the nation’s politicians for failing to provide a “fresh moral vision” for society. A number of reports include comments from Bishop of Norwich that CofE bishops are not as a sexy as Russell Brand but, unlike the celebrity, they are urging people to get involved in the electoral process.

On 19 Feb 2015 it wrote:

Further reports and comment on the Bishop’s pastoral letter.Telegraph says that Iain Duncan Smith has mocked the CofE’s “dwindling relevance” after bishops attacked the Conservative Party’s economic and welfare policies. While Jemima Thackray argues the ‘brilliant’ letter attempting to inspire people to vote has been cheaply criticised by disgruntled Tories. Mail comment is very critical of the letter and the Archbishop. Independent says the letter is political good sense and they have called for a “new direction” in the public realm. Times states Conservative party support for gay marriage “turbocharged” Anglican disillusionment with politics, as figures showed that tens of thousands of Christians were preparing to ditch their support for the Tories. Comment also from columnists on politics in the light of the letter saying Conservatives need to construct a new vision.

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