Sydney archbishop calls for tough stance towards terrorism

The Archbishop of Sydney has called for God to punish terrorists and protect his people from terrorism.

The Archbishop of Sydney has called for God to punish terrorists and protect his people from terrorism.  Archbishop Glenn Davies statement came amidst a hostage incident in Sydney’s Central Business District. On 15 Dec 2014 a man believed to be an Islamist terrorist took customers hostage at a café. Armed police surrounded the building, which has been festooned with the flag of ISIS, the Islamic State in Syria. Steve Loane, the CEO of Lindt Australia – owner of the chocolate shop – told that he believed 40 to 50 customers and staff were in the shop. Police rescued the hostages, but two were killed in the shoot out as well as the terrorist. “It is alarming when terrorism reaches our shores but that alarm reaches a new height when it occurs in the centre of the city in which so many people live and work,” Dr. Davies said. “I was heartened by the swift response of our police and security officials. We are well served by Commissioner Scipione and his team” he said, adding New South Wales’ “Premier Mike Baird is right when he describes this as a test for this city and for our peaceful, democratic way of life.” The archbishop asked all people to “pray urgently for the outcome of the siege. I ask Sydney Anglicans, and all Christians, to pray for the safety of those still held hostage, for the police and security forces working so hard to protect lives, and for the speedy delivery of justice for those who would seek to invade our world with such a doctrine of hate and violence.”

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