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Interreligious Marriage Affirmation Unveiled​ at Vatican Humanum Conference

Hindu, Catholic and Pentecostal speakers transcended religious divides, to affirm the urgency of strengthening marriage, at today’s last session of a historical global, interreligious Vatican gathering examining the complementary relationship between men and women.


After a morning audience at which Pope Francis welcomed the Humanum group by name, speakers and participants heard from an expert in Hindu theology and from Archbishop Charles Chaput, who described the coming World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. He stressed its interreligious participation; 24% of speakers profess other faiths. He also stressed his diocese’s offering scholarships to poor families from North America.


Two inspiring presentations capped off the conference: the last of the 6 Humanum films, this installment treating the family and human rights; and a couple’s reading of a literary account of a wedding from the perspective of each of the family members. (Text available here) It will become a film in its own right, featuring voices and images from religious cultures around the world.


Throughout the conference, attendees and digital observers praised the films and presentations, looking forward to sharing them in public and religious venues around the world.

The final episode of the global documentary film series for Humanum was premiered today to attendees. The films show and tell the beauty and importance of the complementarity relationship between men and women. Witnesses – young and old, single and married, academic and popular – of many religions and cultures communicate the reality of complementarity as it is lived in the world, and its place in the divine plan.

Watch the complete series here.


Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia described the structure, leadership and contents of the World Meeting of Families. He welcomed interfaith participation, and expressed his hope that the meeting would generate for the USA the same profound benefits that the World Youth Day had brought to his former diocese of Denver.

Watch video here.

Dr. Kala Acharya, Director, K.J. Somaiaya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham (India) presented the Hindu perspective on the complementarity of man and woman, drawing upon a wide range of scriptures. The universe is a series of dualities, with marriage as the human counterpart of dualities in the cosmic order. Men and women “complete” one another when they marry and procreate.

Watch highlights here.


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