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Egypt Fights Terrorism

Bishop Mouneer Anis reports on the terror attacks in Sinai

On 24 October 2014, all of us here in Egypt were shocked to hear the news of another terrorist attack in the North of Sinai. The terrorists fired on a military border check point, killing 26 military officers and soldiers and injuring a further 25. This was a very serious incident and an attack on the forces of law and order, yet it was largely ignored by the international media


Egyptians were angered and saddened by the attack and the government responded by tightening security measures, especially at the border with Gaza from where the terrorists possibly had crossed into Sinai, or from where they had received support. The government also declared a State of Emergency in the region.


These terrorist attacks have become more frequent since the removal from power of President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi supporters are generally believed to be behind the terror campaign. Indeed, a Muslim Brotherhood leader (El Beltagi) tellingly claimed “All explosions in Sinai will stop the minute Morsi is allowed to return to the Presidential Palace.”  Hamas in Gaza was originally set up as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the two remain closely linked.


Many people in Egypt now believe that this country was saved from a fate similar to that of Syria when the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power. This explains why morale remains high here, despite the terrorist attacks we have suffered since July 2013.


Fighting terrorism is not an easy war, because the enemies are always hidden and they attack from within most of the time. Egypt now needs the support of its friends. This support involves understanding of the real situation and cooperation to combat terrorism.


Please pray for Egypt as we strive to rebuild the country and its economy.

+ Mouneer Egypt



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