Uganda census underway

The Primate of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, has urged Ugandans to do their part in making the 2014 national census a success. Between 28 August and 6 September 2014 approximately 130,000 census takers will fan out across Uganda’s 60,000 village councils. Ugandans will be asked to respond to 32 individual and 38 household questions. Uganda’s last census was conducted in 2002. A 2012 census was postponed until this year due to government budget shortfalls. Some African traditional cults have told their devotees not to cooperate with the census, while Muslim groups in the past have declined to cooperate with the count. Speaking to the media on 15 August 2014, Archbishop Ntagali said: “According to the International Version Bible, Caesar Augustus issued an announcement that everyone should go back to their hometown to be counted. Joseph, the father of Jesus, went from Galilee to Bethlehem to register and Jesus was born at that time.” The archbishop said the information gleaned from the census was necessary for the proper provision of government services.

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