South Sudan losing faith in its political leaders bishop claims

The Bishop of Rejaf has warned South Sudan’s politicians that they have lost the trust of the nation.

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan’s Bishop of Rejaf, the Rt. Rev. Enoch Tombe (pictured on the right), has warned the country’s political leaders they have lost the support of the people. Placing their own interests above the people’s had brought the country to the brink of collapse the bishop said on 9 July 2014 in an interview with Radio Tamazuj.  “We in the church will work against those who killed people, took away the people’s prosperity and have not repented,” he said. Last December a political feud between the country’s Dinka president and his Nur vice-president erupted into a tribal war that has left thousands dead and driven hundreds of thousands from their homes. Cease fire agreements brokered by the African Union and the Ethiopian government have so far failed to hold.  “Our message as the church is very clear: The war must first stop,” the bishop said.

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