Free Church of England expands to Brazil

The Free Church of England (FCE) has received three Anglican congregations in Brazil as the first step towards the development of the FCE in that country and the expansion of the FCE mission to new countries for the sake of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God. The congregations in Brazil are registered under the name Igreja Anglicana Reformada (IARB).

In 2011, the FCE and the IARB began informal conversations. The proposals that emerged were welcomed by the IARB who approved a proposition seeking affiliation and membership in the Free Church of England at their National Synod in 2012.

This request was brought to the FCE Convocation in 2013, where it was warmly welcomed. The Free Church of England is currently drawing up new Canons, to enable it to develop missionary and overseas dioceses. In the meantime, the local congregations of the IARB are under the oversight of the Bishop Primus, in accordance with the existing Canons.

The first Brazilian congregations were received on Easter Sunday 2014, and others are expected to be received during the course of the year. A gradual process is envisaged because of the distance and difference of language between the two countries. The Free Church of England is committed to support and care for the work of the Gospel in Brazil through the mission of the IARB.

The first congregations of the FCE were formed in 1844 and came together under a common constitution in 1863. For over 150 years the denomination has been a faithful witness to the Gospel and God’s love in England and other part of the world. In recent years, the FCE has established new local congregations, and is looking for ways to expand the witness and God’s mission in England, Europe and all over the world. The Orders of the Free Church of England are recognised by the Church of England.

The IARB held its first Synod in 2009. It has grown strongly since then. It had started with a small house church and at the first Synod there were five local churches and missions present. Since then, it has grown to more than a dozen missions and congregations.

To God be the glory for this historic development in the long history of the mission and witness of the Free Church of England.

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