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Tsunami damaged cathedral reopens

Three years after it was all but destroyed by a tsunami following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Christ Church Cathedral in Sendai City has been reconsecrated.

The Anglican Church in Japan, the Nippon Sei Ko Kai, has re consecrated Christ Church Cathedral in Sendai City in the Diocese of Tohoku, three years after it was severely damaged by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. On 11 March 2011 an earthquake with a recorded magnitude of 9.0 with an epicenter 70 km of the eastern coast of Japan struck, creating a tsunami tidal wave that devastated 20 prefectures in North East Japan. On 10 February 2014 Japan’s National Police Agency reported that 15,884 people had been killed by the earthquake and Tsunami while 2,633 remained missing, while 127,290 buildings were leveled and a further million damaged. In a statement released by the NSKK, the Rt. Rev. John Hiromichi Kato, Bishop of Tohoku thanked the wider church for its help in rebuilding which was “made possible not only by the donations and huge efforts of the laity of the church but also the prayers and support of the whole of Anglican Church in Japan.”

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