Error and Apology

Anglican Ink posted the text of “Gafon 2 Draft Statement” delivered to the 2nd Global Anglican Future Conference by the communique writing team on Friday, 25 October 2013 in error.

After the story was posted by Anglican Ink a junior press spokesman confirmed to us that the story was not embargoed. Nor was there any statement during the session when the document was released to the delegates that it was under embargo, nor was the document so marked.

Several individuals communicated privately with Anglican Ink, thanking it for keeping members of the FCA informed of the debates shaping the future of the conference. Others wrote with concern saying it should not have been released as it was a work in progress. To the first I responded with thanks, to the second I stated that it was not under embargo.

On Saturday morning the director of press operations at Gafcon spoke to Anglican Ink, stating he was disappointed that we had violated the embargo. He had asked members of the media not to publicize the document as it was a work in process. He told the press not to publicize the document but said would give them an electronic version of the final copy under embargo on Saturday.

Anglican Ink misheard this statement, not hearing the first part of the sentence and construing the second to mean that a final version of the finished document, not the draft, would be released under embargo.

I have offered my apologies to Russell Powell, director of press operations for my error. And I apologize to those who were hurt by this action.

The Rev. Canon George Conger

Editor, Anglican Ink



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