January 2018


Pemberton back in court

Priest denied license after gay marriage seeks redress from the Court of Appeal in London


Safeguarding Statement on George Bell

"Fresh information" received and will be investigated Safeguarding Team reports


Conservative Evangelicals reject transgender-lite liturgies

Comment by Reform on GS Misc 1178 Update on ‘Welcoming Transgender People’


DC Episcopalians Opt for Open Borders and Transgenderism, Eschew Gendered Pronouns for God

A trifecta of resolutions introduced and passed by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington’s annual convention confirm a further politicized and progressive direction


Homily for the 4th Sunday after Epiphany

George Conger presents the Gospel according to Johnny Mercer


Homily for Candlemass

The pre-eminence of the Spirit on the presentation of Christ 


The deception of Justin Welby

"The sordid saga has demonstrated that it is actually the Archbishop of Canterbury who has a ‘significant cloud’ over his name and office"


Bishops display an appalling lack of leadership in affirming transgenderism

Earlier this week, the House of Bishops announced that they would not prepare liturgy to mark a person’s ‘gender transition’ for the Church of England.