Lambeth Palace rejects claims of liberal bias for new chief of staff


A Lambeth Palace spokesperson said:

“We reject the misleading characterisation of the Revd Ijeoma Ajibade that has been published on Anglican Ink. For the record, many people in the Church of England were opposed to the British government’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy. That was a matter of moral principle, not political allegiance. In her professional life, Ijeoma has always been politically neutral and has worked for Conservative and Labour mayors of London.

“Ijeoma holds to the Church of England’s position and teaching on human sexuality. Previously she has campaigned for the human rights of LGBT+ people – and opposed their persecution and criminalisation – in her native Nigeria, across Africa and around the Commonwealth. That is completely consistent with the mind of the Anglican Communion as set out in numerous statements by the Primates, which clearly state that we reject homophobia in all its forms. It is also consistent with Lambeth 1.10. 

“Senior staff at Lambeth Palace are committed Christians who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives, political views and church traditions. Ijeoma is a sister in Christ who has served the Anglican Church and those on the margins of society for many years. We encourage people to join us in praying for her as she prepares to take on the role of Chief of Staff at Lambeth Palace in November.”