Florida Standing Committee defends constitutionality of the Holt election

Members of the Diocese of Florida, 

Building on our message this morning, we wanted to share with you that we recently asked an independent professional registered parliamentarian to review our election’s minutes and materials to ensure we followed the rules of all governing documents.

The parliamentarian, Mark Moriarty, JD, PRP, concluded that our Diocese followed these important rules and his opinion is that the election is final. We have shared Mr. Moriarty’s opinions with the Court of Review.

It’s important to note that Mr. Moriarty operates independently and is not affiliated with the Episcopal Church’s Court of Review, and we will continue to trust and cooperate with the review board’s process.

However, we hope this independent review provides you with the same confidence it gives us that we made decisions in good faith and good order.

You may view the full opinion and Mr. Moriarty’s biography here, or by clicking the button below.
As your Standing Committee, we are happy to answer any questions you may have on this process. Our goal is to ease the concerns of our friends in our Diocesan community so we can move forward together.

With Faith, Hope and Love, The Standing Committee