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Paul Kwong

The former primate of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, the most Rev. Paul Kwong, has been appointed principal of the Anglican church in Hong Kong’s theological college. On 31 May 2022 the Ming Hua Theological College announced that its principal, Dr. Gareth Jones would being a terminal leave on June 1 and retire as of September 1. Archbishop Kwong will be the college’s acting principal from June 1 and assume the full office in September.

Archbishop Kwong was ordained to the diaconate in 1982 and to the priesthood in 1983. He was consecrated a bishop in 2006 and enthroned in 2007. In the same year of his enthronement, he was elected the Archbishop of HKSKH. He retired last year.

In his forty year ministry, Archbishop Kwong, served as the vicar of St Matthias’ Church, the founding priest-in-charge of St Philip’s Church and the Church of the Ascension, and the priest-in-charge of the Mandarin congregation of St John’s Cathedral. He was also the assistant of the first Archbishop of HKSKH, the Most Rev Peter Kwong, and the Provincial Secretary General before being elected a bishop.

After becoming Archbishop and Primate of HKSKH, Archbishop Kwong also played a leading role to widen the Anglican Communion’s involvement in the world. He is currently the Chair of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) and a governor of the Anglican Centre in Rome.

Archbishop Kwong is currently a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and will remain in office until 2022.