Todd Atkinson
Allegations of misconduct, including the abuse of ecclesiastical power, have been made against Bishop Todd Atkinson of the Via Apostolica Missionary District, based in Alberta, Canada. Bishop Atkinson is on a leave of absence and Bishop Quigg Lawrence, Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Christ Our Hope, has been appointed to work with Via Apostolica during this season. A Provincial Investigative Team has been formed to look into these matters, and is beginning its work. We are inviting individuals with relevant information to confidentially reach out to the Provincial Investigative Team at about how to participate in the investigation. Below are answers to some questions that the Province has frequently received. You can also learn more here.
What can I expect if I reach out to the Provincial Investigative Team?
When you first reach out to the Investigative Team, you should immediately receive an auto-response message alerting you that your email has been received. Only members of the Team have access to the email inbox which will be monitored on a daily basis. Depending on the number of contacts made, it may take several days for a response, but the Team will be working diligently to respond to each person in a timely manner.Your initial contact may include as many or as few details as you feel comfortable; however it does help us if you provide the nature of your experience and your relationship to Bishop Atkinson and/or Via Apostolica. Our Team will then explain the process, informing you of the different options for participating in the investigation.
If I make a disclosure to the Provincial Investigative Team, with whom will my information be shared?
Disclosures made to the Provincial Investigative Team are held in confidence. Those disclosures will remain solely within the Provincial Investigative Team to the greatest extent allowable by the law until and unless permission to share that information has been given by the person making the disclosure.
I’m not sure if my experience is within the scope of this investigation, what should I do?
If you reach out to the Provincial Investigative Team, a member of the team will help you determine if your experience falls inside the scope of this investigation. If your experience is not related to Bishop Atkinson or Via Apostolica, we encourage you to contact your local congregation or diocese.
Is Via Apostolica running this investigation?
No, the Province of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) is in charge of this investigation. None of the members of the Investigative Team are members of Via Apostolica.
Why is the Province handling this investigation?
Given the nature of the allegations in the Missionary District, it is appropriate for the Province to oversee this investigation.
What is the role of this Provincial Investigative Team?
This Provincial team, independent of Via Apostolica, has been tasked with carrying out an impartial investigation into allegations against Bishop Todd Atkinson.
Is this the same team that is looking into allegations of misconduct in the Diocese of the Upper Midwest?
No, a different team is handling allegations within the Diocese of the Upper Midwest. 
Is this team handling other allegations in the Province?
No, this team has been formed solely to address allegations against Bishop Atkinson.
Is a leave of absence an admission of guilt?
No, a leave of absence provides space for a proper investigation to be conducted.
Does Via Apostolica have episcopal oversight during this time?
Yes. Bishop Quigg Lawrence, Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Christ Our Hope, has been appointed to work with Via Apostolica during this season and has been meeting regularly with the clergy of the Missionary District.