University of Dundee Mediation and Early Resolution Service appointed as Mediators for Aberdeen and Orkney


Following the meeting of the Episcopal Synod on 30 September, the Mediation Steering Group appointed by the bishops, has now taken the first steps towards setting up a mediation process for the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney.

The Steering Group, comprising David Strang CBE, the Rev Liz Crumlish and Morag Hendry, have appointed the University of Dundee Mediation and Early Dispute Resolution Service to run a mediation process. A general invitation has been sent out from the Mediation Steering Group to the diocese providing information about the proposed process and inviting those who might wish to participate to make contact. The process is entirely voluntary and all engagement with the mediation team will be confidential. The mediators are all accredited by Scottish Mediation and have expertise in resolving workplace conflict.

The Steering Group also wishes to ensure that individuals are supported appropriately during this period of dispute resolution and have made arrangements to offer confidential pastoral support and care to anyone who may wish to engage in this process.