Primate of Nigeria reacts to the departure of Michael Nazir Ali for Rome


We always encourage people to look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. He is an individual, though a very strong leader of the church. With what has happened I think that if he feels that its what will keep him trusting and focusing and depending on the Lord until Jesus comes, I wish him the best.

But for us, we will stand for the Lord, Jesus Christ within this Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), upholding the power and the authority of the word of God, trusting God in every situation and above all, living by the word of God.

Even if you go into the monastery and you have not really decided to follow God, changing of Church won’t help. It is not changing of church or changing of name, it is changing of heart

God will keep his church. For us, there’s no going back, we keep holding unto the Lord. That is why we need to keep looking unto Jesus and not to man.