Bishop in Madras sentenced to 90 days imprisonment for contempt of court


The Bishop in Madras has been sentenced to three months imprisonment for contempt of court.

The Swarajya magazine website reports a two-judge panel of the Madras High Court fined the Bishop in Madras, the Rt Rev. J. George Stephen, the Dean of St George’s Cathedral, the Very Rev. S. Immanuel Devakadatcham, and a retired presbyter, the Rev. Y.L. Babu Rao Rs1,500 and sentenced them to three months imprisonmentthe Rt. Rev. The Madras High Court has sentenced the Church of South India Madras Diocese Bishop and two pastors to three months simple imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs 1,500 each for contempt of court.

The jailing of Bishop Stephen comes amidst a flurry of court acivity around financial misconduct by the bishops and senior leaders of the Church of South India, including a High Court ruling directing federal authorities to redouble their efforts at investigating corruption among the church’s bishops.