Colombo bishop condemns Easter terror attacks


The Bishop of Colombo, the Rt. Rev. Diloraj Canagasabey, has condemned Sunday’s terror attacks on churches and hotels that have left over 200 dead and over 400 injured.

In a video message released on social media the bishop said:

“I join all people who are going through untold hardship, suffering and loss of lives of their loved ones on the day when we are supposed to celebrate resurrection of Lord Jesus. It is sad that such a thing should happen in a country like ours.”

He noted Sri Lankan society had strived to overcome the divisions left by its 30 year civil war. “We have our people living in harmoney and peace after going through 30 years of war… Civil war… trying to build our lives again,” Bishop Canagasabey said.

“I call upon people to be calm and prayerful and discern the very promptings of the holy spirit. May God’s healing and grace be upon all those who are hurting. I also call upon people to work against destruction and value life,” he said.