Episcopal Grace Cathedral Goes Green in Liturgical Eco-Disaster

March of the Ents at Grace Cathedral

Fresh off publicity from their recent Beyoncé Mass, Grace Cathedral is back with more liturgically questionable performance art in a worship service. This time, the San Francisco Episcopal Cathedral hosted a multi-faith service “of wondering and commitment” as part of the September 12-14 Global Climate Action Summit featuring participants on stilts dressed as trees:

More photos:

Mother Earth adorns the Cathedral’s rose window:

Episcopal Diocese of California Bishop Marc Andrus sports a cope with butterfly and bear images (is this a diocesan cross-promotion with Nature Valley granola bars? If not, it should be):

But wait! There’s more! A cello-accompanied shirtless dance segment:

Attempts to reach the trees for comment were unsuccessful; they were otherwise occupied storming Isengard.

First printed at Juicy Ecumenism.

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