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FCA (Australia) leader elected Bishop of Tasmania

Archdeacon Richard Condie has been elected bishop of Tasmania

The chairman of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (Australia) has been elected bishop of Tasmania. On 28 Nov 2015 the 170 member special election synod meeting in Launceston selected the Ven Richard Condie to succeed the Rt. Rev. John Harrower who retired earlier this year after 15 years of service. Evangelical leaders in Australia tell Anglican Ink they are pleased with the election of Dr. Condie as it strengthens the traditionalist witness within the Anglican Church of Australia’s House of Bishops. Dr. Condie serves as vicar of one of Melbourne’s largest parishes, and is also Archdeacon of Melbourne. He previously served as a lecturer in New Testament at Ridley Theological College, Assistant Minister in Murwillumbah, NSW, and a Research Officer with the Queensland Police Department. Australian Anglican commentator David Ould said conservatives were “delighted” with the news. Dr. Condie’s views on the divisions within the church were made clear in his inaugural address to the FCA: “What we reject is a superficial unity that is based merely on association, and Anglican niceness or on overlooking difference on matters that are central to our faith. Of pretending that we have unity when we are deeply divided on matters of doctrine. Real Unity matters and real unity is found in Christ.” He was ready to “stand with brothers and sisters who want to stand for truth in the face of error” across the church.

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