Queens archdeacon leaves wife to marry a man

The Archdeacon of Queens in the City of New York will face no ecclesial consequences for leaving his wife to marry a young man. The New York Post reported the Rev. Juan Andres Quevedo-Bosch, (59) archdeacon and rector of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Astoria, had announced via Facebook that he had married a man this month in a Los Angeles church. “I’m in Miami Beach with my new husband. God is good,” he reported last week.

A native of Cuba, Canon Quevedo-Bosch trained for the ministry at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Matanzas and at Trinity College of the University of Toronto.  In 2001 who moved from the Diocese of Toronto to the Diocese of Long Island upon taking up his present position at Church of the Redeemer. He represents the Episcopal Church on the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, a liturgy committee created by the Anglican Consultative Council.

The Post reported that members of the Spanish-language congregation were unaware the Cuban born priest had divorced his wife, Adria, (73). In June Archdeacon Quevedo-Bosch announced from the pulpit that he was a homosexual, and then left on a month’s vacation. “I am aware that there have been concerns regarding my divorce and subsequent remarriage and have been in touch with my bishop and my congregation about them,” he told The Post. The Rt. Rev. Lawrence Provenzano, Bishop of Long Island said Archdeacon Quevedo-Bosch had his full support. “Priests who wish to enter into same-gender marriage are approved to do so in the Episcopal Church and in the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island,” he told The Post.

Standards of moral conduct vary between dioceses in the Episcopal Church. While the archdeacon’s behavior appears not to merit sanction in Long Island, in other dioceses leaving his wife for another woman (or man) would result in an ecclesiastical trial for conduct unbecoming a member of the clergy.

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